Why is mental health advice and support so important?

Around 1 in 10 children in the UK have a mental health problem, but our research tell us that every year around 30,000 children are turned away from mental health services.

Young people with serious mental health problems are waiting months to get help, as support services struggle to cope with the number of children that need them. Young people who need our services the most are being let down, and are not being helped early enough or given the mental health resources you need.

Children who are living in poverty or are known to social services are more likely to experience mental ill health, while older teenagers are turning to self-harm or suicide. The most common mental health problems for young people are anxiety and depression, but other problems like eating disorders are common too. If a certain issue is worrying you or you’d like to find out more, take a look at our mental health advice pages.

We want better mental health advice for children and young people, and we are here to support you. We also want to make sure teenagers always have somewhere to turn, and we are fighting to ensure you get the mental health advice you need.