Maddie's Story

Many young, vulnerable people are being denied the services they urgently need.

Right now, there are teenagers who feel scared, alone, and like they simply don’t matter. They’re not seen, they’re not understood, and they aren’t getting the help they need. They face danger, homelessness and exploitation. Your kindness can make sure that they are not alone.

Together we can help every child lead the life they should have and realise their potential – as Maddie has. At 15, Maddie was suffering violence at home and so started going missing. 

Maddie’s story

Maddie ran away to escape the violence she experienced at home. She went to social services for support, but she was turned away.

Maddie didn’t know anywhere else she could go to for help, so she started sleeping on the streets. 'I was too young to get scared so I would sleep in different places like behind schools or in telephone boxes. If someone had attacked me there would have been nothing I could have done.'

Alone and frightened, she met people who took advantage of her vulnerability. Without anyone she could trust she quickly became a target for grooming and sexual exploitation.

Fortunately, thanks to supporters like you, we were there for Maddie when she needed help. Maddie saw one of our leaflets and got in touch with her local service. We talked through the traumatic experiences Maddie had faced and helped her find further support so that she wouldn’t end up on the streets again. 'They talked to me about my reasons for running away and gave me advice. They were good at asking what I wanted.'

Maddie rebuilt her life and she is now a social worker, helping teenagers like her younger self. Together, we can be there for even more vulnerable children like Maddie, to help them stay safe from harm if they have run away from home and help them to rebuild their lives.

Your donation could provide immediate help to young people in danger, at risk of homelessness and exploitation.

£25  could pay for a vulnerable young person to travel three times to a counselling session

£50 could pay for a one to one support session to help a child talk about their painful experiences

£100 could help us train other professionals to identify whether a child may be suffering from abuse or neglect