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MA character animations

We are proud to present our second collection of short animated films about young people today. These films were created during the second year of The Children’s Society’s ongoing annual collaboration with the MA Character Animation class at Central Saint Martins.

This year’s project began in early 2018, when each Central Saint Martins student received a short audio recording of a young person who has been supported by The Children’s Society, or of a project worker from The Children’s Society’s services.

Students researched, storyboarded and produced a one-minute animated film to reflect the themes and tones of their audio story. 

The films on this page explore what it means to be a young person today, and offer a chance to hear the voices of young people who are too often unheard.

We would like to say a special thank you to all of the young people and project workers who bravely shared their stories. This project would not have been possible without them.


Noemi Pischedda

Who do you know?

Annie Gordon

Utterly happy

Nicola Jane Francis


Arran Stamper

Through the fog

Xiaohui Sun

The light in your eyes

Jorge Aguilar Rojo

Starting again

Elizabeth Hirst

Open to talk

Liam Engels


Shuqing Lei

Our community of supporters

Elpida Fousteri

On the outside

Risabh Arora

How far I've come

Lily Ash Sakula

I can do it now

Utku Can Bozkurt

I dance to forget

Alice Atkins

Increasing challenges

Sayaka Hara

A dangerous journey

Xinning Zhao

A helping hand

Joseph Benjamin Wheeler

A journey to home

Yi Ge


Frozia Khalife

Anti social media

Jessica Ellen Galvin

Big up the bill

Gabriel Pereira Donini Alvarez

Describing loneliness

Lea Pietrzyk


Shan Yang

Finding my voice

Rhea Bowers

Hidden Emotion

Xuanchen Fan

Long story short

Mabelle Sawan


Meng-Han Chang

Multiple problems

Krystian Piotr Garstkowiak

My fear of failure

Chu Chu

My future

Junkun Zhong

New beginning

Sunyoung Du

New experience

Anqi Ni

New light

Brogan Jones

Not a regular nightmare

Chih-Chen Yang

I am worthless

Haemin Ko

Renewed hope

Hui Hsuan Ku