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It sounds so
cheesy, but
love yourself

It sounds socheesy, butlove yourself

Wellbeing for young people

Your emotional health and wellbeing is important. It helps you stay positive, confident and optimistic. However, we all have times where we feel low. 

Whatever you're going through, you're not alone. There are helplines you can call, places you can go to talk, and plenty of online information and advice to get you feeling hopeful again.

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Mental health A-Z

Looking for information about a particular mental health issue? Our mental health and wellbeing A-Z has got you covered. 

wellbeing activities

Wellbeing activities

Our wellbeing practitioners sometimes use activities to help young people with different mental health problems. There are ways to manage stress, deal with anger, build a routine. You can practise many of them alone or do them as a group activity. It's up to you.

Not all the activities will work for you. Everyone one is different. So pick one that feels right and only do what you feel comfortable with.

It really changed my outlook on things It really changed my outlook on things

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Wellbeing drop-in services

If you'd like to talk to someone about your wellbeing and mental health, see if any of our drop-in service are nearby.

Need urgent support?

A mental health crisis is an emergency that possesses a direct and immediate threat to your physical or emotional wellbeing. In these situations, it's important to get help quickly.

Try to stay calm and ask someone for help if you need it. It could help to tell someone you trust, maybe a family member or a friend. They can be with you and help you decide what to do. They can also contact services on your behalf.

If there is any immediate risk to life, contact the emergency services by calling 999.

Crisis support services