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Active Families Together

We introduce families to activities with the aim of improving physical and mental health and strengthening communication within the family. 

Who is Active Families Together for?

Who do we support?

The project is aimed at families that have already been working with us and may be coming to the end of their support. We offer additional help to you and your family, encouraging you to embrace weekly sporting activities together.

How can we support you?

Whether it is football, hiking or yoga, we will work with you and your family to understand what types of physical activities you are interested in. We offer a range of different activities and taster sessions to help build confidence and encourage everyone to get involved.

Volunteers will support you to make sure you continue to attend the activities with the aim that eventually you can start going independent of us.

Active families together quote

You have to love yourself before others can love you You have to love yourself before others can love you

you girl sitting on sofa with parents either side comforting her

How do I access the service?

Active Families Together is an extension to those already accessing one of our other services. Therefore, referrals need to be made by your existing Children's Society worker. Speak to them and let them know you want to get involved with the project.

Get in touch

If you have a comment or question please email Sandie Dunne, Service Manager.