Knowing your rights

If you are looked after by Torbay Children’s Services or on a child protection plan, and are aged 8-18, you have the right to an advocate. This is someone to help look after your rights, so you have a say in decisions that affect your life. You will be listened to, taken seriously and treated fairly.

How Checkpoint helps with advocacy

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What's an advocate?

An advocate is a person who can help you say if you don't like something or if you don't agree with a decision that affects your life.

Advocates are independent, which means we don't work for the council or children's services. Everything you tell us is confidential, which means we won't tell anyone what you say to us without agreement, unless there is something that might cause harm to you or someone else.

How to get an advocate

If you are looked after by children's services, you have the right to an advocate. They will make sure you're listened to and taken seriously.

If you're worried about being hurt or abused, treated unfairly because of race, religion, sexuality, gender, language or disability, needing extra support for your health or want to get the most out of school or college - an advocate can help.

Email or call us on 01803 290330 to talk to us about getting an advocate.

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