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Illustration of Christingles

Save the Date to Celebrate Christingle 2022

We're looking forward to celebrating this year’s Christingle and many churches already have their date in the calendar.  Whether you’re planning a traditional service or an outdoor ‘muddy’ Christingle, now's the time to start planning to welcome new faces into your church.

When will you hold yours?

Celebrate Christingle

We couldn't be more excited about Christingle 2022, it's a great opportunity to bring friends, family and your local community together.

Join us and come together to celebrate Christingle.

Christingle facts

Over 2,000

Christingle celebrations lit up the country last year


was raised to support young people who need hope most

How Christingle helps young people

Over the last 50 years, Christingle celebrations have raised millions of pounds to support our life-changing work with children and young people.  The money you raise can help connect them to our services, and rekindle the hope they deserve.

The generosity and support shown at Christingle services is overwhelming and every year we are reminded of the compassionate Christinglers that help bring hope to young people across the country.