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Our team of Campaign Champions are vital to getting young voices heard. They play an important role in creating real positive change for children in local communities.

what is a campaign champion

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What is a Campaign Champion?

Whether helping care leavers be exempt from council tax or making sure families get support in a crisis, Campaign Champions have and continue to play a vital part in improving the lives of young people.

They meet local decision makers, shout about our campaigns and make sure young people's issues are being talked about.

What does a Campaign Champion do?

As a Campaign Champion, you'll do whatever you can to elevate the voices of young people in your area. You might:

  • Visit local decision makers, such as your MP or councillor
  • Organise a local event - a stunt, talk or even a street party or music event
  • Hold a stall in your local town centre
  • Attend local meetings. You could join up with local groups or committees already active in your area to coordinate campaigning
  • Spread the word and tell others about our work and campaigns. This might be through your local press, social media or other networks you are connected with.

The safety of our volunteers comes first and we continue to strictly follow social distancing measures, meaning that our Campaign Champions will influence change remotely until future notice.

Any time you can give will make a huge difference. You'll be provided with all the training, connections and support you need to help us make real change.

Become a Campaign Champion

If you want to campaign to improve the lives of children in your area, sign up to join our brilliant team of Campaign Champions.

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