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She made me
believe in
She made me believe in myself

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Right now, young people's hopes and happiness are being threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect. We’re stepping up the fight for hope, at a time when it’s more at risk than ever before. By offering your words of support to future generations this Christmas, you can help them break free and live a life full of hope and confidence.

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Help provide a glimmer of hope to the next generation, who are already facing the toughest of challenges. For inspiration, see messages from other supporters below. 

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Messages of hope

Believe me when I say, there are good people in this world. People who love you without even knowing you. Keep your head up-
Things will always get better. You are loved

I know life can be tough and it must be hard to stay positive. Please know though, that there are people who do care and who want to help. Hang on to hope, things can get better.
Best wishes for a peaceful Christmas


Keep faith in yourself and hope for the future. Don't give up. You are loved just as you are.

What you are experiencing doesn’t define you! You are more than the struggles you’ve faced and the things you’ve seen. In all this madness , you overcame, you showed strength. Keep faith in yourself and hope for the future, the world needs you and you are loved just as you are! Don’t give up, the tide is turning ♥️♥️

You’ve got this; you are so strong, and we all need exactly you to help make this world a better place. Thank you for being here, right now.


Hi, the world seems crazy right now and lots of us are struggling. Try to look for any little ways to feel happy and calm, de-stress by learning mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Try to eat well as much as possible and know that it will all be ok in the end. Take one day at a time and speak to a trusted adult if you feel overwhelmed. love n light x


We are born everyday with the cycle of life. Tomorrow our mind can take us into a better journey. The future will always bring wonders, that's why we have hope.


There is life after abuse. What you have/are experiencing doesn’t define you.
You are so much more than this. There is love in life and you are loved. Joy is a small word that packs a punch bigger than anything else. Embrace joy it’s yours to take. Much love and joy xxx


Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts,apositive attitude can really make dreams come true it did for me,there will always be an happy end ,lots of love


Hey, I’m guessing your needing this! So please remember your amazing, you will get through this, there is a light at the end off every tunnel remember that! And your perfect the way you are don’t let ANYONE tell you different your perfect in your own way❤️


fighting for hope

Fighting for hope

We restore, protect and strengthen young people’s hope. Because hope matters, especially for those who have it toughest of all. 

We work with young people for as long as it takes, providing one-to-one help so that they can make sense of their past and recover. 

Working closely with the public and partnering with professionals like the police and teachers, together we tackle the impacts of criminal exploitation and child sexual abuse.    

With your help, we can give them the specialist, consistent support they need to process their trauma, so that they can break free, and live a life they never thought possible. 

All that positivity gets rid of the negativity and you can sort of grow All that positivity gets rid of the negativity and you can sort of grow

young woman looking resilient to camera

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Our project workers are there for children facing abuse and exploitation, giving them the right kind of specialist support. From one-to-one therapy sessions, to group well-being activities, to setting up emergency protection plans so children stay safe from harm, they stand by them for as long as it takes. 

With your donation, they will be able to find a brighter future, live out their dreams and grow into the person they want to be.

Donate today to help even more children break free.

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