How we respond to allegations of historical abuse

We openly acknowledge with sadness and deep regret that on some occasions children in the care of The Children’s Society have experienced abuse or neglect.

If you are now an adult, but experienced abuse of any kind when as a child in our care, we encourage you to get in touch with our specialist team. You can get in touch in the following ways:

  • Telephone: 0203 282 3725 (9am-4pm weekdays)
  • Write to: PAC Team, The Children’s Society, Whitecross Studios, 50 Banner Street, London, EC1Y 8ST

We promise to listen to you carefully and sensitively and then see how we can best support and help you. We can also help you access your notes and records if they are held by The Children’s Society.

This applies to any allegation of historical abuse made by or on behalf of a child or young person in our care. This could include any adult who was cared for in our children’s homes, adopted or fostered through The Children’s Society, or who has accessed any of our services at any time. It also includes concerns about historical abuse which may have occurred prior to engagement with The Children’s Society, as this could mean that we may hold information that may be relevant for an investigation.

The principles we apply to dealing with allegations of historical abuse

  1. The Children’s Society will take seriously any allegations that historical abuse may have taken place within any of the services provided by the organisation
  2. All allegations of past abuse will be treated with sensitivity and care and within a framework of confidentiality
  3. Specialist staff will be available to enable people to disclose alleged abuse they may have endured whilst in the care of The Children’s Society
  4. We will listen and you will be heard and supported to access your care records where they are held by The Children’s Society
  5. Additional support such as access to an advocate or a counsellor will be offered where appropriate
  6. The Children’s Society will take immediate and decisive action to ensure any children or young people currently in contact with the alleged abuser(s) are suitably protected from harm.

Within two working days of first contact with us, our specialist staff will make contact by telephone to give you an opportunity to be heard, clarify any issues, and outline what support may be available - including the opportunity for a face to face meeting and agree next steps.