Keep up to date with the latest news on our effort to establish a guardianship service for all unaccompanied refugee and migrant children in the UK.

young man speaks in parliament

Musa’s story: A guardian would change everything

Musa was a young asylum seeker that came to the UK from Albania. He is now calling for all unaccompanied and separated children to have a guardian.

26 Jun 2020
person draws a face on paper

New beginnings: Volunteer Lindy’s story of teaching a young unaccompanied refugee English

Lindy, a Hope project volunteer, shares with us her story of teaching a young unaccompanied refugee English.

24 Jun 2020
young campaigners look out of window

Refugee Week: imagine being a young refugee in a new country

Imagine arriving in a new place and not feeling safe. Imagine no one believes your story. You don't have to imagine. It already happens.

20 Jun 2020
young woman in raincoat standing in street

How early support can help young people navigate a culture of disbelief

How early support from a guardian would benefit young people who are faced with a culture of disbelief when they arrive.

10 Jun 2020

How having a guardian would directly benefit young people during Covid-19

Emma from the HOPE service tells a story of a young man who could've really benefitted from having a legal guardian.

8 Jun 2020
young woman in hijab

Covid-19 lockdown and how we carry on campaigning

How we carried on campaigning in lockdown and activities that helped us through.

3 Jun 2020