Young people need support before they hit crisis point

Teenage boy and two teenage girls in park looking thoughtful

One million teenagers have seven or more serious problems in their lives. Devastating Government cuts to funding for local children’s services hit these teenagers hardest.  

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Too often they’re forced to struggle alone. But with help when they need it, they have a real chance at a safe and stable childhood.

Ask the Government for more local funding to give young people help early, before problems hit crisis point.

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Listen to our audio briefing (November 2017) on children’s well-being and the importance of early intervention services. In this episode, we explore the link between the decline in children’s well-being and the reduction in spending on children’s early intervention services.

The Government must urgently increase funding for children’s services so young people get help when they need it. Please send the podcast to your MP and ask them to raise this important issue with the minister.

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The Good Childhood Report 2017 found that one million teenagers face seven or more serious problems - from violence at home to threat of eviction. 

Local children’s services provide crucial support like counselling so teenagers have someone to talk to and work intensively with families to get their lives back on track.

Devastating Government cuts to funding for these services mean without help, they may resort to running away, drugs or self-harm.