Helping people move back into education, training or employment 

young man in glasses talking to woman making notes

Who can access this service?

Any clients within AARCS who are in a positive part of their recovery journey who would like to move back into education, training, employment, volunteering or simply look at their options.

What support does this service provide?

In addition to ongoing support from EYPDAS and Open Road, NEET Support provides bespoke one-to-one support for clients, county wide.

NEET support looks at the future ambitions of the client and advises on individual education, employment and training needs. We tap into local recourses across the county, including volunteering opportunities, to maximise opportunity.

Working at the client's pace, in partnership with the referring professional, NEET Support creates a positive sustainable outcome - with the aim that this will help them to continue the recovery journey.

How do I access the service?

If you're a professional supporting a client within AARCS, you can make a referal:

Email: Liz Digby

Call: 07718 560 734 or 01245 493 311