If you use SMS to donate money to us you are protected by our SMS Privacy Policy

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Our SMS services are provided by Cymba Integrated Solutions Ltd. and JustGiving

By using our SMS donation services for either one off or regular donations, you agree that we may call or text you on your mobile in the future about our work and how you can help. But if you'd rather we didn't call or text you, please text NOPHONE to 70090 or contact our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000.

Please seek the bill payer's permission before you make a one off SMS donation or subscribe to a regular SMS donation.  

Unless otherwise stated, there will be no refunds for the cost of any SMS text donation made.

We will not pass your mobile phone number on to any third parties. Nor will we display it on any petitions or letters.

You can unsubscribe from SMS updates from The Children’s Society at any time by contacting our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000 or supportercare@childrenssociety.org.uk

One-off Mobile Donations

If you use our premium SMS message service you will be charged the donation amount stated (i.e. £3, £5 or £10) plus the cost of one message at your standard network rate. For texts where donations are not being made, you will be charged the cost of one message at your standard network rate.

Unless otherwise stated, there will be no refunds for the cost of any SMS donation made.

Regular Monthly Mobile Donations

After signing up: You’ll need to reply to the message that we sent you to activate your gift. When you have responded to the text, your gift will be activated and your first donation of £5 will immediately be taken from your phone bill or your pay-as-you-go credit. You’ll be charged £5 plus one standard rate text message in the first month.

Each month from then on: This is a charity subscription service to The Children’s Society. Each month you'll receive a free text as a reminder, the day before your gift is due. If you're happy to give you don't need to do anything and you'll be charged £5, or you can choose to skip a month. You will be charged £5 a month thereafter.

Choosing to Skip a month: When you receive your free reminder text, if you'd prefer not to give, simply text SKIP to 70755 within 24 hours of receiving the message and we won't take your donation that month. You’ll be charged one standard rate text message. If your phone is out of range or switched off, you don't need to worry. We'll only take your gift 24 hours after we know that your phone has received our message.

We’ll keep you up to date: So that you can see how your gifts are helping, we’ll sometimes send you links to photos and videos on our website. We won't charge you for content but, as with any mobile browsing, viewing could mean you incur charges from your network provider.

All supporters must obtain permission from the bill payer before signing up to monthly text giving. If you are under 16 years old, you must have your parent or guardian's permission before signing up to our campaigns.

Ending your support:  We hope that you won't cancel your gift and that you'll use the SKIP system if you decide not to give in a particular month. However, if you want to end your gifts permanently, you can text STOP to 70755 to unsubscribe altogether.

If you have any questions about giving through your mobile, please call our Supporter Care team on 0300 303 7000 or email us at supportercare@childrenssociety.org.uk