This section gives some advice on the administration process to help make it easier and more manageable.

Administering an estate

Being an executor can be a challenging task during a difficult period of time. We have provided some key points below, but we also recommend having a look over the following useful guide from The Institute of Legacy Management.

How can we help you?

  • The schedule of assets and liabilities - this document lists all the possessions of the person who has died. If you send us a copy we can find out if we can save you and the estate money through our charitable status.
  • Property and land sales - we know chartered surveyors who can help you get the best price for property or land that is left to the charity.
  • Investments and shares - we know stockbrokers who might be able to offer you reduced commission rates when you sell investments.
  • House clearance - our local shops have access to removal vans and may be able to help you clear items from a property.

How can you help us?

It would be a considerable help to us if you could be aware of the following points:

1)  We would be grateful if you could provide the details of the person who has passed away including:

  • Full name
  • Last address prior to any residential care
  • Date of will
  • Date of death

2) If we have been left a share of the estate we would be grateful if you could provide a copy of the will

3) If we have been left a share in the estate it would be very useful if you could send us a list of the estate’s assets and liabilities and their values as at the date of death

4) We would very much appreciate regular progress reports and interim payments wherever possible

5) Could you please ensure that any money you receive during the administration process is held in an interest bearing account until it is distributed. When you are ready to make final payments could you send a copy of the ‘estate accounts’ to the beneficiaries who were left a share of the estate.

If you have any problems at all please contact Judith Hunter on 0300 303 7000 or email

Inheritance Tax

In some cases Inheritance Tax (IHT) is payable on estates when someone passes away. Many estates do not bear IHT because they are valued below the threshold at which the tax is levied. Donations made to registered charities are usually exempt from IHT and the inclusion of charities in a will can reduce the amount of IHT to be paid. This is a complex issue and more detailed information can be found on the HMRC website.

Payments from an estate to The Children’ Society

Please send any payments to the following address:

Legacy Department
The Children’s Society
Edward Rudolf House
Margery Street

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding payment please contact Judith Hunter on 0300 303 7000 or email