Gifts in wills help us to always be there for children who need us

We've been fighting childhood poverty, abuse and neglect for over 130 years.

With your help we will always be there where it counts.

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We work where it counts

Every day, children across the country turn to us for help because they don’t feel safe, loved or able to cope.

Right now our project workers and volunteers are working to help children who have nowhere else to turn:

  • children forced to run away from home, to escape abuse, neglect or sexual exploitation
  • children with no other adults in their lives to listen to them
  • young children who are struggling to look after a sick or disabled parent
  • children whose families are trapped in debt.

That's why every gift from our supporters means so much. Together, we can make sure that these vulnerable children can get the care and support they need.

Our impact

Every year through our direct services and campaigning we're working to break the cycles of poverty and neglect that are blighting the lives of too many young people in this country.

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Making a will

You can find lots of practical information about making a will in our free guide. It's packed with everything you need to know to make the will that is right for you, regardless of whether or not you decide to leave any money to charity.

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Why gifts in wills matter

Gifts in wills make up a third of all donations given to us by supporters.

These vital gifts give us the ability to carry on working tirelessly for all the children who need us.

A gift in your will gives us the security we need to plan for the future, and gives vulnerable children the security they need too. Even small gifts make a massive difference to children who are neglected, disadvantaged and in danger.

With your support, no child will be turned away when they come to us looking for help.

'Children need to be heard'

Molly's story

Molly has been caring for her family since she was 10. Her mum has a badly injured back and suffers from depression - often she struggles to get out of bed. Her stepdad is recovering from major heart surgery.

'I clean the house, cook dinner, pick up medicine, sort out post, pay bills and make sure my mum and stepdad have everything they need,' says Molly.

Juggling her school work and caring role, Molly didn't have time for a social life. She felt stressed and lonely.

That's where we helped.

Teenage girl smiling with project worker

We introduced Molly to a group of other young carers like her, and she learnt that she wasn't alone. She shared stories with the group and went on trips to take her mind off things. Together, the group are now working to raise awareness for young carers across the country.

'To learn that other young people were going through the same thing was amazing. I've received so much support from The Children's Society. They have made a massive difference in my life.' - Molly

Thanks to you, Molly got a break from her caring duties and gained new confidence and skills - she is now at university studying for a degree in journalism.

A gift in your will could help us be there for more children like Molly.

Leaving a legacy in a will gives us the security we need to plan services for vulnerable children in the future

Sian's story

Sian runs one of our services that works with young people who go missing from home or care:

'We're an independent, non-judgemental, compassionate voice and we give the young person a chance to tell their side of the story, to talk about what's going on in their lives and why they went missing.

'We are there to give the young person a chance to get their voice heard. They're not often asked about their feelings, so we get a lot of first time disclosures in our interviews, where it's the first time a young person has ever spoken about what exactly they're running away from.

'It's important to give them the space and opportunity to do that with someone who cares, someone who is non-judgemental.'

Will you help vulnerable children feel they matter?

Making a will is not as complex as you may think

Many people think making a will is expensive or only for wealthy people, but in fact this is far from the case.

A simple will can cost nothing to make and almost all of us have something to leave behind.

Whether or not you choose to leave a gift to us, our guide contains lots of information about making a will which we hope is useful to you.

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Already left a gift in your will?

If you have chosen to leave us a gift in your will, we’d love to hear from you and thank you for your kind support.

Please let us know by contacting us via email or by telephone on 0300 303 7000.


With your support, we will always be there for the children who need us. Thank you.