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For refugee and migrant children, reaching the UK should mean reaching safety.
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Helping child refugees

Refugee and migrant children who reach the UK, sometimes on their own, need help to stay safe and rebuild their lives. The cruel reality is that many of these children and young people do not get the long-term support they need when they get here.

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Some of these children and young people have been trafficked into this country by adults who have preyed on them for sexual exploitation or forced labour.

More than half experience mental health problems and many grow up in extreme poverty.

As young people approach their 18th birthday, they face being returned to a country where their future is even more uncertain.

We want to make sure that their voices are heard and the problems they face are understood. We are fighting for refugee and migrant children to get the help they need from social workers, mental health services and with housing.

We are determined to help keep more refugee and migrant children safe from danger and give them the chance to flourish.

We support child refugees

Last year we worked intensively on a one-to-one basis with 674 refugee and migrant children, supporting them with many different challenges.

Specialist staff in our services across the country provide support and advice for those who arrive alone in this country helping them to settle, stay safe and navigate the complex immigration system.

We also help them get access to the services they need - from housing, health and education to legal advice and counselling to help them recover from the trauma they have experienced.

This year, we want to support more vulnerable child refugees with the one-to-one support and guidance they desperately need.

Reaching the UK should mean safety for children and young people fleeing war and violence

But we know from our years of experience that too often these children don't get the support they need. More than half go on to experience mental health issues and many grow up in extreme poverty.

We help refugee children overcome the major challenges they face as they begin to rebuild their lives. We want to make sure their voices are heard, the problems they face are understood and that they receive the vital support they urgently need.

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We see countless news stories about the desperate situation for refugee children.

Help us campaign to give them the best possible start to their life in the UK.

Hou's story

Hou came to the UK when he was 13, escaping persecution in China. He was taken to a British couple, who abused him physically and sexually. After a number of months, Hou managed to escape and started sleeping rough in London.

When he was referred to us, Hou was facing deportation and had begun a hunger strike in an attempt to end his life. This is his story.