No child should be forced to grow up too early 

Some young people don’t even realise they are carers, they are just looking after a loved one.

But young carers shouldn't have the same responsibilities as adult carers, nor should they be spending the majority of their time looking after someone.

These extra responsibilities force children to grow up far too early, losing out on their childhoods and potentially their education.

Your gift could make their futures brighter and give them a far better chance in life, so if you can please donate.

Since the age of 10 Molly has been caring for her mum

Molly’s responsibilities meant she struggled to find time for her homework and fell behind in her education.

And at school, she worried constantly about her mum being ill. No child should have to cope with these feelings on their own.

Molly felt overwhelmed and worried that no one would understand what she was going through. Fortunately The Children’s Society was there to offer Molly the support she needed.

Through The Children’s Society’s Young Carers in Focus Programme, Molly was able to get the help she needed to improve her confidence and wellbeing.  She also met other young carers who she could share her struggles with.

‘To learn that other people were going through the same thing was amazing… The Children’s Society has made a massive difference in my life’.

This was only possible thanks to your support

Your support means Molly has a brighter and happier future ahead of her, yet we must not forget that Molly’s story is just one of hundreds of thousands of young carers.

So if you can please donate to help give a young carer a brighter future.

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