Make a Christmas wish come true for a vulnerable child

A Christmas present can make a real difference to a child's life. When a child receives a gift they know someone cares.

Christmas is not always an enjoyable time of year for the children and young people that use our diverse services. They might feel alone, forgotten or in need of more support; they might not recieve any presents this year, or any other year.

Many of the children and young people we work with are dealing with a wide range of serious and complex issues. This means that Christmas is not a time for fun, relaxation or presents, it’s another day of pain, insecurity and fear.

Quite often, lots of children and young people miss out on the enjoyment we can all take for granted, such as going shopping, or to the cinema and a restaurant with friends or family. They might also go without basic items such as toiletries, clothing and books. Our services provide vital support to these young people, but you could give them a Christmas gift that will mean so much to them.

'The gifts we received... lifted the children and young people’s spirits. The smiles on their faces said it all. The gifts lifted the spirits of the whole service, and made the Christmas period extra special.' (project worker in the Midlands)

Give a gift this christmas

Either as an individual or a corporate, you can support our services with a donation that ensures the children and young people we work with will receive a Christmas gift.

For some children and young people, this may be the only gift they get.

  • £25 can purchase stationery, winter accessories, or a pampering item for a young person
  • £50 could buy a young person a voucher to a high street store
  • £100 can treat a few young people to gift vouchers to restaurants or their local cinema. Many of the young people we work with don't get to go out for food or to watch a film, or if they do it's because an adult is using gifts to manipulate them
  • £500 would buy a range of presents for many young people, including health and beauty gift sets, warm winter clothes, restaurant meals and stationery sets
  • £1,000 can allow one of our services to host a Christmas party and purchase gifts to surprise the young people we work with

A project worker and a young person by a christmas tree pulling a cracker

'The young people that received the gifts were made to feel wanted, cared for and nurtured' (Newcastle project worker)

Donate a christmas gift

What our services said about the gifts they received last year

'It is hard to put into words the experience of seeing the young people opening their presents and the smiles on their faces, but imagine….. A room full of young people aged 8–18 waiting quietly and patiently to receive a bag of gifts from Santa. They all start to receive their gifts, then the room erupts in "look what I got", "this is awesome", "will you help me set this up", a whole room full of laughing, smiling, excited children, opening up their gifts and racing around the room with them!
'Just children, being children, as they should be.' (project worker in our Essex service)

'The young people were emotional that someone actually has thought of them – as often they feel forgotten.'

(project worker in our Greater Manchester service)

'It was so great to be able to give gifts to the young people we are working with. Young people were surprised and touched to receive a present. We had a festive party last year and ‘santa’ (one of our practitioners) gave out a gift to each young person who attended – something that they were all really excited by!' (London project worker)

Your donation could be the only gift a child gets this Christmas

Donating towards arts and crafts sets, toiletries and health and beauty sets, or a cinema or restaurant voucher will make a world of difference to the young people we work with.

Any funds left over after buying the Christmas gifts for young people in our services will be spent on other activities with them over the course of the year.