Right now in this country there are children who feel scared, unloved and like they simply don’t matter. Without the right help, this can be overwhelming and a lonely place to be. This has to change. No child should feel alone.

We are dedicated to building partnerships with like-minded supporters that, like us, are committed to seeing an end to multiple disadvantage. We know that a million children and young people in England are living with seven or more serious problems in their lives.

We work with a diverse range of influential major donors and philanthropists that give significant support of £5,000 and above, enabling us to be there for young people that we might not otherwise be able to reach.

Because of you, we’re already helping some of the most vulnerable children but now, more than ever, young people in this country need your help.

This growing group of very special individuals has the opportunity to be closely involved with our work, including regular briefings with our Chief Executive Matthew Reed and personalised updates on our work.

We would be delighted if you would join us in making a commitment to creating a country where children are free from disadvantage and to ending physical and emotional harm to vulnerable young people. 

Above all, you would be making a commitment to changing children’s stories. 

To join this special group or to find out more about our work, please contact Jo Hodges on 0207 841 4484 or by email .

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To find out more about becoming a major donor, please contact Jo Hodges, Partnership Development Manager, either on 0207 841 4484 or by email