Last year over 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children arrived in the UK

male child refugee looks sadly in to camera

Something must be done to help the many thousands of child refugees

The refugee crisis is the humanitarian emergency of our times.

Last year over 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children arrived in the UK, finding themselves in a foreign land where they can’t speak the language, or understand how to do the very basics like find food and shelter. Refugee children arriving in this country are vulnerable, scared and in urgent need of help.

The Children’s Society believes that something must be done to help the many thousands of child refugees who are suffering – and it must be done now.

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How our services are helping child refugees

Right across the country, we’re running services that help child refugees and migrants when they arrive in the UK. Last year we were there to provide intensive one-to-one support for 674 refugee children and migrants, and ran 777 group sessions to help young people who have fled war and violence adapt to life in this country.

Every day our services are making a real difference for refugee children – helping them find shelter, education, and navigate their way through our complex immigration system. But as increasing numbers of vulnerable young people seek safety in this country, our project workers aren’t able to help all those who desperately need them.

For child refugees, reaching the UK should mean reaching safety – yet many find their challenges have just begun. More than half of the child refugees who arrive in this country suffer from mental health issues, and in 2014/15 there were 207 refugee children who arrived here alone and went missing, never to be found.  

We are here to help refugee children overcome the challenges they face.

We want to make sure that their voices are heard, the problems they face are understood, and that they receive the support they need from social workers, mental health and housing services.

Sometimes it is the smallest actions that can make the biggest difference: a smile of welcome, a kind word in their own language, a sense that someone cares or is listening. We know that our support can make a crucial difference for these vulnerable refugee children, helping them rebuild their lives, form lasting relationships and integrate into our communities.

How we treat those who need our help is a key part of what defines us as human beings – that is why ignoring this growing humanitarian crisis is simply not an option. Please donate today so that we can be there for more child refugees who desperately need someone to be there for them.

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