No child should ever be sexually exploited. We want to help children and young people stay safe and rebuild their lives through our specialist services across the country

Teenage girl in street for CSE awareness day

Thousands of children and young people are being sexually exploited in every type of community across the country - forced to do, see and hear things they never should.

CSE Awareness Day 2017

This CSE Awareness Day we pledged our support to stop CSE by hosting awareness-raising events across the country. Our specialist staff held conversations with families, young people and professionals about our support services, how to spot the signs of CSE and how we plan to tackle it. 

Checkpoint Torbay

Torbay ran CSE awareness sessions in local secondary schools on 15 March and a series of activities on the local high streets across Paignton, Torquay and Brixham on 17 March.

Hand in Hand in Keighley

Keighley Airedale Centre promoted CSE awareness and internet safety along with the sexual health awareness and STI testing on 16 March. The event was supported by United Keighley Action Group and Partners.

Hand-in-Hand also ran an interactive session on 17 March at City Park, Bradford to showcase our CSE work with hub partners. The event was supported by the Bradford Street Angels and partners.

Street Safe Lancashire

Street Safe Lancashire held an event on 18 March, at Preston Station, asking the public to pledge support to stop CSE.


On 18 March there was a paper-chain event on Northumberland St around the Earl Grey Monument for people to pledge support to end CSE.

Essex C.A.R.E

Our service Essex C.A.R.E worked with Essex Council on the ‘I didn’t know’ campaign event on 18 March.


Camden Council and the police hosted a CSE awareness raising event at Kings Cross Station on 17 March. Shine school also ran activities and assemblies.


The Midlands worked with British Transport on 15 March to host a CSE stand in Birmingham New Street station. They also ran CSE awareness training session with community groups on 6 April at our Coventry office, in partnership with the social care team in Coventry.

Our work to tackle CSE

Our work to stop CSE extends beyond the CSE awareness day itself. Our services across the country work hand in hand with our policy and lobbying team to spot young people who are at risk of CSE early and provide the support that is needed.

We want to stop this exploitation right now and get victims the help that they need.

Our work to tackle CSE

We want the Government to strengthen the law so that all children and young people experiencing exploitation are recognised as victims of crime, and receive the protection and treatment that they deserve. No child should ever be sexually exploited or denied justice for the crimes committed against them.

What can you do?

If you are a young person

Child sexual exploitation can be a tricky thing to talk about. CSE is when one or more people take advantage of a person under 18 in situations or relationships by rewarding them with stuff like food, accommodation, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, affection, gifts or money in order to get them to perform sexual acts (including asking you to post sexual images on the internet or on your mobile phone).

CSE awareness poster for young people

If you are a young person and would like to talk to someone in confidence there are services that you can contact:

  • Call ChildLine on 0800 1111
  • Say Something is a free, 24-hour, anonymous phone and SMS helpline, enabling young people to disclose information and seek support - 116 000

Do you think a child is in danger?