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Climb, partnered with the West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, is a unique programme providing positive activities to young people who may otherwise be drawn into criminal activity. 


young woman holding rugby ball talking to coach

Thousands of young people in the UK are at risk of being exploited. We offer a way out. We work with 10-17 year olds early on, before they get caught up in county lines or other forms of exploitation.

Through sports and the arts, we give young people a chance to form healthy relationships, find out their passions, and be positive about the future.

By offering diversionary activities, young people can choose to step away from a life of exploitation, before the threats and abuse get any worse. They are empowered to make positive choices to improve their lives.  

What support does Climb offer?

Climb offers sports, dance, arts music and more. We work with young people who are missing school or college, starting to be reported as missing, or at risk of being drawn into criminal activity. We help young people build their resilience and so they're better able to deal with the challenges of modern childhood.

This transformative service is the first of its kind and will help children develop new skills, form real friendships and learn how to recognise people and situations that might put them at risk.

Working with schools, police, social care, activity providers and many other groups across the region, together we will build safer communities, where children can be hopeful about their futures.

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