Our missing from home team meets with you and other young people after they have returned home 

A boy takes his shopping home on a council estate

We chat with you to check that you are safe and to support you in the hope that you will not run away again. 

What to do if you are thinking of running away

Talk to somebody – ideally an adult you trust, it could be a grandparent or aunt, your school nurse or the parents of your friends. See if you can find a better solution to your problems than running away.

Why not ring us at CheckPoint if you don’t feel there is anybody else you could talk to or who listens to you? If you call outside of office hours, contact Missing People (their contact information is below).

Are you missing from home, have you run away, or been forced to leave? 

Contact Missing People’s free, confidential service, which is available 24/7 for you to speak to somebody.

Call or text 116 000 – you can text this number even if you have no credit on your phone.

They are there to listen and offer support. 

Find more information about the hotline on the Missing People website

What can you do if a friend is thinking of running away?

Talk to them about what’s wrong and see if together you can find a better solution.

Running away may look like the solution but it can be dangerous. If your friend has run away or you think they may be about to, then talk to a trusted adult as soon as possible – it could be a relative, a teacher, your school nurse or your family doctor.

What to do if your child has gone missing 

If you are a parent and your child has gone missing in the Torbay area, please ring the police to report your child missing on 101. You are not wasting police time.

Meeting with a CheckPoint worker to complete a Return Home Interview

Once you have returned home, a CheckPoint worker will contact you to offer you a return home interview.  This is your opportunity to have your voice heard and discuss the reasons that you went missing and how we or other agencies can support you, and prevent you from going missing again.