Access Checkpoint's one-to-one online chat from this page

At the arranged time, click on the ‘Chat to us’ button to talk to your worker - this will bring up a pop up screen in which the chat will take place. 

If this is your first time using the online chat, do read through the information below to find out how we keep information about you. 

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Explaining keeping information about you

By law, and because we think it's right, we need to ask for your permission before we collect, keep and use information about you. It's important you make an informed decision whether or not you allow us to do this.

Why do we keep your information?

  • To help us support you in the best way that we can
  • To keep you safe
  • To be prepared in case of an emergency

What kind of information do we keep?

We'll keep notes of the chat we have with you. This could include:

  • Your name
  • Feelings, thoughts and emotions about things that you talk about, things you want help with and positive things you're involved in
  • Your opinions and ideas about what should happen next and how you think we can support you

How do we keep your information?

We keep your information safe and secure in a computer database (Mosaic).

Who else can see your information?

In addition to the worker you're chatting with, other people in the Children's Society may need to look at your file to see that you have received a good quality service and that your safety, interests and needs have been met. These people will include:

  • The Children Society's audit team (inspection team)
  • Head of Safeguarding (child protection)

Is there any situation where we have to share information without your permission?

Yes there is but we'll try to talk to you about this first unless there is an emergency. We can't keep what you tell us private or confidential:

  • If we have concerns about your safety
  • If we think you (or someone else) may be at risk of harm
  • You need medical treatment
  • We think a serious crime is likely to happen

How do you contact us?

If you have a problem or are unhappy about our service, please call 01803 200 100 or email

Who are we?

Learn more about the Children's Society.