We have services in Devon and Torbay that help stop child sexual exploitation, or CSE

 A young girl speaks to a counsellor

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is someone taking advantage of you sexually, for their own benefit. Through threats, bribes, violence, humiliation, or by telling you that they love you, they will have the power to get you to do sexual things for their own, or other people’s benefit or enjoyment, including: touching or kissing private parts, sex, taking sexual photos.

Definition by The New Horizons Young Women’s Group 2008 Nia & The Children’s Society

Our CSE services work with young people and their families to enable them to gain an understanding of sexual exploitation, grooming and abusive relationships. We support young people to build on their existing strengths and to develop their own coping and keeping safe strategies.

CheckPoint Devon CSE

Our team in Devon works on a one-to-one with young people who have been sexually exploited. We help young people understand what has happened and help you to move forwards. 

If you would like some support contact us on: 01803 200100.

CheckPoint Torbay CSE

Our Torbay service works with families supporting them to reduce the risk of CSE.

We work with parents or carers to help them to understand the issues related to CSE and support them with practical and powerful strategies to help them build better relationships in and between all the family. While also helping children and young people to keep safe and make and keep healthy relationships.