Levi RootsA real recipe for success - so Bake and Brew it!

Levi Roots

Last year, Levi Roots was a main feature for our Bake and Brew campaign. A Bake and Brew event can be anything from a coffee morning in your community to a cocktail and cupcake party with friends. Levi said, 'Bake and Brew has all the perfect ingredients for a fantastic appeal.

As an entrepreneur I like to see a return on my investments - taking time to cook cakes with your children and arranging a Bake and Brew party is time well spent! It will also help The Children’s Society support the most vulnerable and disadvantaged children in our society to give them a brighter future. A real recipe for success - so Bake and Brew it!' 

Find out more about Bake and Brew, or try your hand at Levi's Lime and Chocolate cake.