Join our growing national blogging programme

Young female looking up at sky, outside with other young people

Are you a blogger looking to raise your profile through working with a charity? Do you want to use your blog to speak up about serious issues that matter to you? Could your writing make a big difference to the most vulnerable children? Then we’d love you to join our growing national blogging programme.

There’s a huge range of topics to write on - from pressures on children’s mental health, to campaigning for older teenagers, to the affects of family debt on children.

We’ll give you a blogging pack with graphics, videos and more to help - just fill out the form below. You could even put a new spin on your usual writing by getting involved in fun and rewarding activities with us, such as the London Marathon, climbing Kilimanjaro, organising baking fundraisers and visiting our shops.

How you can blog for us

Below you’ll find two forms. One allows users with existing blogs to collaborate with us and create content for their own site and social media channels. The second is for writers who are looking to be published on our own blogging section – please let us know what you want to write about using this form and we’ll get back to you within two weeks.

Before completing a form, remember…

  • Check our guidelines and tips for writing
  • We do not accept fiction, example: short stories or poetry
  • We can’t publish all submissions on our own website, but don’t worry - you can still write about our work (and other fun things) by starting your own blog
  • If writing about us on your own blog, make sure you tag us on Twitter and Instagram. We love sharing your work to our thousands of followers.

Fill in this form if you have an existing blog but would like to collaborate with us

Fill in this form if you would like to write for our blog

Guidelines and tips for writing

Writing for and about us is an excellent way to connect to our work and help us spread our message to a whole new audience. Whether you’re a fashion blogger or a student writing your first blog, we believe everyone brings something unique to the table.

These guidelines help explain what we’re looking for from our blogs and vlogs, including helpful tips for writing online and how to submit your ideas to our blogging team.

Let’s get started!

Key things every blog needs:

  • Words – ideally 300-500 of them
  • Photographs – images and video are great for bringing your story to life
  • Author information – let the audience know who’s writing the piece, as it lets our audience empathize more
  • Links – if you’re writing about fundraising, don’t forget to add in a link to your donation page.

Style tips:

  • Keep your writing informal, like you’re chatting with a friend, and make sure you keep to the first person.
  • Be yourself. Don’t worry about sounding like ‘a writer’ - we’re interested in your voice.
  • Remember Geogre Orwell’s advice and stick to short words over long ones – ‘Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions come from big words?’
  • People are intimidated by big blocks of text, so keep your sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Plan out your story. If you’re describing a personal event, limit your blog to one time period rather than covering your whole life.


We receive a lot of proposals to write for our site and we unfortunately can’t publish them all. We’ll always read any pitch sent to us and aim to respond to everyone as quick as possible. Don’t get downhearted if you’re unsuccessful, you can always start your own blog and share your idea there.