Asking for help isn’t easy, you may be nervous about stopping by to talk to us, we've got some tips to help

young person mental health

Just breathe and relax – take some time out 

Even if you’re not ready to talk, sometimes you might just need some space to think or have a break from whatever it is that’s bothering you. At Beam, we won’t pressure you to talk – you can just come and hang out at one of our drop-in centres which provides a safe space that’s relaxing and friendly. Making the decision to come to the drop-in is a step in the right direction.  

Write it down 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to put it in to words when you need some help with how you’re feeling. Writing down the things you want to say and bringing it with you to Beam can be a great way to help you talk through anything that’s on your mind.  

‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ 

Keeping things inside may seem like the easier option but it won’t you make you feel better and it can affect your everyday mood and behaviour.  Talking to someone, however small or big the problem is, can make you feel relieved, look at things from another angle and hopefully find a way to get through it.  

See how it’s helped others 

Talking to someone outside of your family and friends circle can seem scary. Seeing how Beam is helping others could help you understand more about how Beam can help you and make the decision to come and talk to us. 

These are some of things young people told us about what it’s like at Beam: 

'I felt very anxious about coming in at first and I didn’t really want to come but I feel very good after talking and it did help a lot.' 

'It helped me with my exams and how I could control my anger in and out of school.' 

'My experience was interesting I really liked the person I was talking to I felt like she understood me and helped me take a step back and look at my problems from a different angle.'