Poverty affects every area of a child’s life, and this is no different for school

Teenagers in classroom at school

We have been supporting children affected by poverty for more than a century. While many things have changed, there are 4 million children living in poverty in the UK. 

Our local services across the country are often in the poorest areas, helping young people who are experiencing some of the most complex problems. Our resources focus on the latest insights on poverty and debt through children’s eyes.

What you can do

1. Make changes in your own school: Use our Children's Commission on Poverty to implement changes to the cost of school uniform in your school.

This was one of a number of recommendations that was a result of the 18-month project led by sixteen young people and exposed, for the first time, the true cost of school life for children living in poverty.

2. Download our reportsFind out more information on our work on poverty and debt. 

Activity ideas

Watch our video produced by a young care leaver about their financial difficulties and experience of debt.

You can also check out our resources for young people on debt and managing finances.

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