Find out how you can get involved in our work

Group of teenagers laughing at desk at school

Hundreds of thousands of supporters give their time to support our work - and there are many opportunities for you and your pupils to join us.

What you can do

1. Arrange for your students to volunteer with us: Our opportunities for young people are suitable for pupils aged between 14 and 18. They’ll have fun and gain experience. It’s an opportunity to develop their skills, experience and confidence with a rewarding and challenging opportunity. And we’ll make sure they can fit it around their other commitments.

'It feels like a family sometimes. I am very proud to help here. I always have fun with the team. When you go home, you are refreshed, you have energy.’ - Samia, Retail Volunteer, South Woodford shop

We’d love to welcome your students to volunteer in one of our local shops. We have more than 100 charity shops in the heart of local communities, which raised nearly £10 million last year. Use our map to find your local shop.

We’re also delighted to be an Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award, which means volunteering with us counts towards a student’s DofE award. It’s a fantastic youth achievement award that can help your pupils get new skills and exciting experiences. We will help you support pupils to have a great experience.


2. Organise a fundraising event in the community: There are a huge number of ways you can support our work.

We have everything you need to run a Christingle. There are lesson plans, assemblies, games, arts activities, crosswords, songbooks and more. Posters, invitations, songs and instructions are all available to download.

Fundraising events make a huge difference to young people we help. Whether you want to hold a bake sale, donate to your local shop, take part in a challenge event, we have ideas and resources to support you.

We’ll provide you with all the fundraising supplies you need to get staff, pupils, family and friends involved.


3. Support our campaigns: Campaigning to change laws and policies that harm young people is at the heart of our work, and there’s lots of ways schools can get involved.

In the last year alone, determined campaigners have helped create change for more than 3 million children and young people across the UK.

Teachers and support staff can become a campaign champion, and we’ll provide you with the tools and briefings you need to run campaigns locally, and meet with local decision makers about the pressing issues affecting vulnerable children in your area. 

Become a campaign champion

Alternatively, you can download our wide range of campaigns resources to speak to you students about democracy, social change, and campaigning. We’ve got a range of tools to educate and inspire your class - use them to run a quiz, help with homework or run a local project.

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