Use our tools and interactive data to access local stats on the key issues affecting children and young people today

Teenage girls laughing in school classroom

What you can do

1. Find statistics on your community: We have more than 800 packs, filled with up-to-date statistics about the difficult issues young people in your local community are grappling with. There’s also local recommendations for change.

We use these stats to work with MPs and local councillors to improve children’ lives locally. You can use them to run a quiz, run a local project, or meet your local decision-makers.

use our map to download stats for your area

2. Find out what we are doing in your area: Across the country, particularly in the poorest areas, we’re helping more than 13,000 children and young people who are experiencing some of the most complex problems.

We work directly with the most vulnerable children and young people through over 100 services. We have just over 900 staff, over 100 shops and more than 12,500 volunteers.

With our interactive map, you can find out about our local services, shops and events in your area.

use our map to find us in your area

3. Download resources: You can also download our resources on organising your own fundraising or campaigning events to support the children’s society locally.

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