Find out more about the different ways your school can support our work

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Donation station

Bring any unused items such as clothing, books, or toys to your 'donation station' in school. This can then go on to be stocked in our retail shops and raise money to fund our projects. Our retails shops are always happy to receive stock and it’s a great way to de-clutter your home.

Charity of the year

Choose us to be your charity of the year. During this partnership we will do our best to support you in any way that we can. We can be present, if needed, on any planned charity day(s). We will provide bunting, balloons, materials and many more resources too. We will also do all we can to promote this wonderful partnership through local media and social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Bake and Brew

Hold a Bake and Brew - from a coffee morning to a pancake party, we have everything you need to host a mouth-watering event. The money raised from the Bake and Brew will help children and young people through our direct practice, policy work and influencing work. We have tips, recipes and great tools to ensure that your event is a huge success, and you all get to eat cake in the process!

Carol singing

Get a group together to go carol singing, or even better, arrange a service at your school for all of your friends and family to attend. We have step-by-step guides to make your carol singing a success. Even if you have never held a fundraising event before, we can help you organise a fantastic singing event that you and your group are sure to enjoy.

£10 Challenge

Ever fancied yourself as a bit of an entrepreneur? Then take on our £10 challenge. In small teams you are gifted £10, with the aim being you spend this on an item that can have a return on investment. The team who raises the most money is the winner! It’s a challenge to develop creative, communication and entrepreneurial skills.

Centurion challenge

To take part in the Centurion Challenge, your school will need to complete at least one fundraising activity which raises £100 within a 100-hour period. It’s entirely up to you what type of fundraising activity you choose, as long as it happens between Monday 18 April and Friday 22 April. To qualify for a Centurion Challenge trophy prize, funds from your activity need to be received by us by 6 May.

Group fundraising

If there’s a group of students who are passionate about our work and want to improve their own budgeting, planning, communication and organisational skills, then why not bring them together for some group fundraising. The group could plan fundraising activities and events to happen throughout the academic year, for example a sponsored walk.

Box collections

Our collection box scheme is one of our most powerful legacies and is one of the simplest and easiest ways that people of all ages can choose to support us. Put your spare change and donations in the box and then once a year count it up and send it in to us. We've raised £1.6 million from all those spare pennies!

Collection for children

Collection for Children has been supporting our work with vulnerable children for over 30 years. How you carry out your collection is entirely up to you, high street and supermarket collections can be great for meeting lots of new people in your community.

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