'I'm in a much better place now,

I can enjoy spending Christmas

with my family'

Angela's story

Angela's story

'I'm in a much better place now and I can enjoy spending Christmas with my family'

This will be Angela's first happy Christmas in years. From the age of eight, Angela was sexually abused by her father. Even after it stopped, she suffered with feelings of anxiety and depression. Although traumatised by the experience, intensive support from The Children’s Society has helped Angela begin to come to terms with the abuse and recover. She now hopes to be an advocate and speaker for those who have also experienced abuse.


 Frightened to speak out

Angela suffered abuse from her father for three years, keeping it a secret from her family and friends. Threatened by her violent father, Angela was too scared to speak out.  

'I didn't want my family to be, as he said, 'killed', so I just kept it to myself'

Isolated and fearing for her family's well-being, Angela stayed quiet while the abuse continued. 

Feeling alone and scared

After years of silence, Angela broke down and found the courage to tell her mum what her father was doing to her. The dad was instantly arrested but Angela's suffering did not stop. Diagnosed with agoraphobia and post-traumatic stress disorder, Angela felt completely alone and contemplated jumping off a nearby railway bridge. 

Becoming increasingly worried for Angela's well-being, her mum called The Children's Society.

'If she hadn't got support from The Children's Society, I'm not sure she'd even be here'

Our project workers provide confidential support and advice for young people who have experienced, or are at risk of, sexual abuse and exploitation. 

No child should feel alone and your donation could provide life-changing support for a vulnerable child like Angela to allow them to speak out about the abuse they have suffered.


One-to-one support

When Angela visited our service, she met one of our specialist counsellors. 

'I came for my first one-to-one session... That was when I thought someone can actually help me'

Alongside the one-to-one counselling sessions, Angela also attended a weekly group session with other young people who had experienced abuse.

This meant that she was able to talk to people who had gone through similar experiences. 

The sessions are part of our eight-week recovery toolkit programme which helps children and young people come to terms with their experiences and develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies. 

Overcoming trauma

Today Angela, now 16, is happy, confident and full of hope for the future. Thanks to the intensive support she received from The Children’s Society she is looking forward to her first happy Christmas in years. 

'Christmas was always a bad time for me, as I would have to stay with my dad for the holidays...I'm in a much better place now and I can enjoy spending Christmas with my family.'

We work with young victims of sexual abuse and exploitation, giving them someone to trust and helping them overcome trauma they have faced. Please donate to support more children like Angela

'Coming to The Children's Society has done a lot for me. I have gained my hope back and my trust in people'

Last year we helped 2,987 children affected by sexual abuse and exploitation.

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