Find out more about what you can do if you are having money problems or you are struggling with debt

Young woman gets advice on debt problems

Owing money to companies, banks or people can often feel scary and might be causing you to worry. But it doesn’t have to be like this, there is information and support out there that can help you get out of debt or manage your money more easily

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Where to go for help?

Speak to someone you trust – a friend, family member or a free debt advice agency. The following organisations provide great free, independent advice for anyone who is struggling:

If you are already worried about money or owing people money then you should be wary of private companies offering to combine your debts. Some companies offer to arrange different debts into a single loan with one monthly payment. This might sound tempting, but it’s risky and the fees are high and you could end up owing more than you already do.

Instead, you should contact a free debt advice charity - they can work with you to find the best solution for all of your money problems.

Taking control of your problems

Don’t ignore the letters or calls from the people you owe money to and hope they go away. A debt advice provider can work with you to create a budget so you can see where money is going each month and what needs to be prioritised. It will help you feel in control of your finances and on the road to being debt free.

Are debt or money problems affecting your mental health?

Embarrassment, stress, anxiety, depression and feelings of helplessness are all common for people struggling with debt, but you don’t have to suffer alone. Talk to your friends, family or book an appointment with a doctor if you feel you need help with your mental health and wellbeing.

What is a breathing space?

Sometimes companies will offer a breathing space to people who are struggling to pay their bills. A breathing space is a short period of time when you won’t have to repay your debt, you can get your money in order without the worry of rising fees or intimidating bailiffs coming to your house. You can ask the company you owe money to if a breathing space is possible.

Too often, companies don’t offer a breathing space. But thanks to our campaigning, they soon will. The Government has agreed to introducing introduce a breathing space scheme, so that everyone has time and space to repay their debts without additional fees or charges and visits from scary bailiffs.

Our campaign to change 

We've been campaigning to make sure that the Government sets up a meaningful scheme that helps people like you in debt, with enough time and a break from all debt.

The Government has done a consultation on the issue and we're hoping to hear some good news from them soon. Read more about our campaign to make sure the Government sets up a meaningful scheme that helps people like you in debt, with enough time and a break from all debt.

Aaron's animation

Aaron struggled with debt as an 18 year old and has made a short animation about his experiences.