We work with the media and the arts to help form scripts, programmes and realistic characters based on the lives of the young people we work with

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How do we work with media partners?

We work with people from the media and the arts who want to tell a story about vulnerable children affected by issues such as:

  • Children and young people’s mental health
  • County lines and child criminal exploitation
  • Young carers
  • Young refugees and migrants
  • Children and families in financial crisis

We can provide feedback to writers and researchers on scripts, to ensure that the portrayal of young people going through these issues is authentic and reflects real life experiences. 

We also provide advice to producers of commissioned factual programmes about their content and ways of working, and we can sometimes help with finding contributors.


We are happy to look at scripts and storyboards, including character development, providing feedback before a film is shot. 

Our Criminal Exploitation specialist support workers have worked with directors and producers in the past help inform scripts for short films.

Our practitioners, who work with young people affected by criminal exploitation, were able to work closely with the production teams to ensure the characters and plotlines in the films reflected young people's real experiences while being exploited by gangs for criminal means. 

Plays, books and other arts

We often get requests for advice on all kinds of creative projects. If you have a draft written we can help you develop it further. We are able to work with all products, both large and small, but we prioritise the requests by looking at how much of a project is actually about vulnerable children, and how large an audience it is likely to reach. In the past we have partnered with the following creative projects:

Remains we consulted on the this site-specific play on the subject of vulnerable children going missing

Firebird play about child sexual exploitation 

Penguin partnership with publisher on a writing competition part of our Seriously Awkward campaign

Spark London as part of our Seriously Awkward campaign we worked with a night of a storytelling event

Hidden we worked in partnership to put together an exhibition of photographs depicting the lives of young carers  


We work with producers and researchers who want to examine an area of work related to issues such as child mental health, county lines or young refugees and represent it in an honest and sensitive way.

Due to the large number of requests we get from production companies who are developing ideas, we can only help with documentaries that have been commissioned by a UK broadcaster.

Soaps and dramas

We work with researchers, writers, producers and actors on storylines that involve vulnerable children and young people with any of the issues listed above. We can provide advice when an idea is in development and feedback on scripts in draft or final form.

We can also set up workshops for production teams to meet frontline workers or volunteers from our team to find out more about what it's actually like to be in that situation.

Contact us 

If you would like to talk to us or if you would like more information please contact the Media Team: media@childrenssociety.org.uk