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Children's charity work with young people

If you are interested in children's charity jobs then we offer a wide range of opportunities to use your skills as a means to support the most vulnerable young people across the country. We support thousands of children from a range of backgrounds, providing them with the help and resources they need to overcome situations in their lives. We run local services, helping children and young people when they are at their most vulnerable, and have nowhere left to turn. We also campaign for changes to laws affecting children and young people, to stop the mistakes of the past being repeated in the future.

We offer a wide variety of exciting and challenging jobs, which include roles within our community-based programmes, positions in head office including Marketing, Fundraising, Digital, Retail, Business Development, Finance, HR and more.

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Do you want to work with children?

Whatever your background in working with children and young people, we'll rely on you to ensure innovative and safe practice to support our work in projects, programmes and children’s centres around the country. We provide the right support at the right time. We provide immediate and lasting help for thousands of children who are in desperate need. We work with young refugees by helping them rebuild their lives in new communities, surrounded and supported by friends. We ensure that children are given a voice in the decisions that affect them, now and in the future.

Our work helps to change the lives of the most excluded and most vulnerable children and young people. Hundreds of our employees and thousands of volunteers already commit their time and talents to make this happen.

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A wide range of exciting roles 

Whether you are a top researcher, a digital whizz, an expert campaigner, or a skilful communicator; we have roles to suit a wide range of expertise.

Do you want to join a dynamic, growing team of high performing experts building long-term relationships with our fantastic supporters, developing our brand and online presence or creating campaigns to influence decision makers? Our new approach to engagement encourages staff to be ambitious, enterprising and comfortable to take decisions off their own back while working in a framework of accountability. In return we are committed to building and supporting a flexible learning environment where you can grow as a person and within your career.

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