Find a rewarding job in fundraising 

Charity fundraising staff at The Children's Society

Are you interested in applying for the best charity fundraising jobs there are and helping vulnerable children? Your application could be life changing.

Do you want to join a dynamic, growing team of high performing experts building long-term relationships with our fantastic supporters? Then we have some of the best jobs going!

We are recruiting for new product development managers, relationship builders, innovation experts and customer engagement specialists. If you fancy a change of job and sector we are actively looking for people who have built outstanding careers from other verticals so don’t be shy to apply. Even if you have never had a charity fundraising job before.


Why work with us?

Our new approach to engagement encourages staff to be proactive, inquisitive and comfortable to take decisions off their own back while working in a framework of accountability. In return we are committed to building and supporting a flexible learning environment where you can grow as a person and within your career. So if you like data and insight, finding things out, working to shared goals and targets and generally have a positive attitude, then we want you to apply today.

Why come to work on a rainy Monday morning? Because we aim to disrupt the causes of multiple disadvantage that children face - by building in partnership, new solutions to the root causes of poverty, neglect and exploitation. Only together can we make a difference, not just to individual lives but to the lives of millions of children both now and in the future. We believe passionately that no child should feel alone.


What are you waiting for?

We currently have a diverse work force of people from all walks of life and want to grow our diversity further to embrace new ways of thinking and working within the charity, so if you can bring all that you are into one of our current roles please do apply. Life is too short to do a job you don’t love.

If you are bored in your current job – underappreciated and under challenged - then we’d love to hear from you. That might be in fundraising, it might be in digital conversion, it might be at a charity, agency or large multinational company.

Each pound we raise and every person we engage helps vulnerable children to have better lives and futures - you can be part of that.