Our charity was founded in 1881 by Edward Rudolf, a Sunday school teacher, and our partnership with the Church has been of central importance ever since.

Our current Vice-Chair of trustees is the Bishop of Derby, Bishop Libby Lane. We work closely with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, who are honorary presidents of The Children's Society.

We also work with bishops and senior clergy across the country. Our partnership working extends to Church of England schools and to the networks of children's work advisors and youth officers.

But we would like to do more. We want to work in partnership with every single parish in the Church of England who we hope will be inspired to support our work in prayer, through giving and by volunteering.

And we won't rest there. We would like to work with all people who share our values, whether Christians from other denominations, people of all faiths and none.

Read about our beliefs and values or what you can do in your church.