Linda is backing our drive to help tackle child sexual exploitation as part of our Seriously Awkward campaign. 

Portrait of Linda Pappadapoulous

The Children’s Society is calling on the Government to make amendments to the Policing and Crime Bill, to provide16 and 17 year olds who are victims of this crime, or at risk, more protection.

Linda said: 'Child sexual exploitation is an issue that’s important to me professionally and as a mum. Sadly, too many children who are victims of sexual exploitation are slipping through the net as health professionals are often not equipped with the knowledge and understanding to spot the signs.

The impact of sexual exploitation can be presented as difficult and uncooperative behaviour and dismissed as children being disruptive, when it is in fact a cry for help. I welcome the partnership between The Children’s Society and the Department of Health for the Seen and Heard video and e-learning initiative.

It has the potential to make huge strides in dealing with child sexual exploitation as it will reach thousands of health care professionals who come into contact with children every day who are vulnerable, damaged and desperately in need of help.’