A country where children are free from disadvantage, where we fight for change, supporting disadvantaged children to have better lives 

concerned young girl looking at a troubled adult speaking on the telephone

How we do this

We are fighting child poverty on several fronts:

  • By nurturing children in their early years through our children's centres and other services.
  • By strengthening families through providing crucial advice, information and family support.
  • By providing a lifeline for destitute families, including the very basics for survival.
  • By running a major campaign to expose the damage that debt causes to children’s lives.
  • By supporting families out of the debt trap by providing practical debt advice in our children's centres.
  • By supporting young people on The Children's Commission on Poverty to investigate and expose the real impact that poverty has on children's lives.
  • By forging major alliances with many others, such as the Church of England and StepChange Debt Charity, to increase our influence and expertise to bring about even greater change.
  • By directly lobbying local and national decision-makers around poverty, destitution and welfare reform.

We are tackling neglect and supporting victims directly: