We embed best practice, and provide diverse and representative services to vulnerable children and young people across England.

A group of children sit on a wall together

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is central to our vision of a country free from disadvantage. Our society is increasingly diverse and too many children and young people face multiple barriers on the basis of their personal characteristics and circumstances. 

So our commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical in the delivery of services to children and young people, our work with volunteers and in our role as an employer.  Our aim is to understand the different needs and expectations of our service users and to make full use of the variety of exceptional skills and experience that our staff and volunteers bring to support our work.

Our single equality scheme

We have launched our first single equality scheme - ‘Pulling Out All the Stops’ - that sets out our approach from 2014-17. 

Our scheme details how we will embed our commitment to diversity and inclusion into each area of our operation, going beyond the requirements of the Equality Act (2010)

Our scheme includes five strategic objectives for the key areas of leadership, service delivery, employment, volunteering, fundraising, training and development. These five objectives will help us achieve our required outcomes in everything that we do.    

Read Pulling out all the stops: Our Single Equality Scheme