Our impact: what your support helped us achieve

‘It made me realise that I shouldn’t give up just yet’ – young person

The children we work with are truly incredible.

Despite the challenges and risks they face, we see so many children who refuse to let negative experiences define their future and who are embracing hope and optimism. 

We can only help these young people with the support of our inspirational partners – from individuals donating to our work through to funders commissioning and supporting our activities.

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The difference we made this year

  • 9,872 young people worked with through direct practice and youth engagement
  • Nine new innovation prototypes and pilots
  • 621,000 positive impacts delivered for young people through our policy and campaigning work
  • 313,593 individual direct supporter actions

The young people we worked with

82% said their lives improved after working with us
98% felt listened to by their worker
97% felt they could trust their worker
87% said they would come to the service again if they needed help

‘I was lonely and suicidal... [but] I got involved and started to feel good about myself’ - Young person in our Stand by Me service

How you supported us

  • 3,458 supporters assisted in our charity shops
  • 9,033 volunteers contributed over 477,793 hours to our work
  • 29,135 actions were taken to support our campaigns
  • 750 people supported young people in our services
  • 4,189 volunteer box coordinators helped us raise £1.6 million from our box networks
  • 7,818 churches supported our work