This Christmas help keep hope alive

Hope is hanging by a thread for too many young people whose lives are overshadowed by abuse, exploitation and neglect. This year has turned children's lives upside down, so this Christmas, hope is under threat more than ever before.

You can help transform the hopes of those who need it most. Write a message of support to a young person, or donate and help them overcome their toughest challenges, restore their hope and help them find happiness

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My life changed



£5 a month could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway

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£10 a month could pay for a front line worker's phone so children in danger can contact them

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£20 a month could pay for a family to have mediation sessions to resolve conflict at home

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Whether it’s a little or a lot, give as much as you can and make a huge difference to a young person

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Give a vital gift

Donate a gift to a young person this Christmas. From exercise equipment, family essentials or a book, the Give Hope store has the perfect Christmas present for a child in need. You can choose to give to a specific area, or to where the need is most. 

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About us

Every young person deserves a good childhood, and that's why we fight for the hopes and happiness of young people. We see the hope and courage in them everyday and it inspires us to support them through their most serious life challenges.