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People were
actually listening
to me.
People were actually listening to me.

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This winter, children can't wait.

Every young person deserves a good childhood. But many are suffering with anxiety or depression and are simply waiting to be seen and heard.

They’re waiting for help. But your support can help provide a lifeline for young people by giving them access to our services and help us campaign for a society where no child is left to suffer alone.

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£5 monthly

£5 a month could pay for a hot meal, shower and living essentials for a young runaway.

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£10 monthly

£10 a month could pay for a front line worker's phone so children in danger can contact them.

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£20 monthly

£20 a month could pay for a family to have mediation sessions to resolve conflict at home.

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Whether it’s a little or a lot, give as much as you can and make a huge difference to a young person.

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In their own words

When young people want to tell their story, we listen. These young people still believe in a better tomorrow. They know they can break free from those who hurt them, have a happy home life, feel better over time.

Often their stories aren't easy to tell, but they tell them. Because they know sharing their story will help them and others like them. 

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What is Financial Exploitation?

A growing concern across the country involves criminals approaching children and young people online through gaming and social media platforms, and in places like shops and cashpoints with offers of quick cash and fake job opportunities, only to use and control their bank accounts to commit fraud and launder money from organised crime.