Sunday 24 February - A prayer of thanksgiving

Loving Heavenly Father we thank you for The Children’s Society.
We thank you for the inspiration of staff, supporters and volunteers who serve you through the organisation.   
We pray for the organisation’s work today and for all those who will use their minds, hands, skills and experience to bring dignity and support to the lives of children.
We recognise the ocean of need that surrounds us and pray that in this day we may use our limited resources wisely, imaginatively, sensitively and always to your glory.
Lord receive our prayers and, by your Spirit, make us useful in your service today, that the Name of Jesus may be praised.

Rev Jonathan Edwards, General Secretary of the Baptist Union

17 February - A prayer to be childlike

Loving Father, your Son called us to become like little children.  Help us in this day to hear those words afresh and to allow them to shape our lives.

Grant us a spirit of true humility that enables us to approach you with empty hands.  Forgive us that our hands so often become filled with possessions, roles and selfish expectations.

Grant us a spirit of openness to new ideas.  Forgive us that our thoughts are so easily cluttered by our knowledge and experience of life that we are unable to hear anything that is new.

Grant us a spirit of simple trust.  Forgive us that we find it so easy to complicate life, and to look with cynicism at others.

Grant us a spirit of adventure that is ready to travel with you to new places where you will be able to use us to extend your child-like kingdom of love and peace.

We pray this through Jesus Christ our Lord,


Rev Jonathan Edwards, General Secretary of the Baptist Union


10 February - A prayer for generosity

We thank you, gracious Father, for your perfect love for every child;

We thank you for the way in which your Son reflected your own heart of love and welcomed children generously;

We pray that we may always be ready to greet children with a similar warmth and generosity, in order to show them your own love for them;

We pray for our country as it struggles with financial austerity.  We pray that wise and loving decisions will be made that will ensure that we continue to care for the disadvantaged and vulnerable;

Loving Father, we go forward into this day, praying that in the power of your Holy Spirit we may reflect your love to every child that we meet.

In the name of Jesus Christ, your Son,


Rev Jonathan Edwards, General Secretary of the Baptist Union

Sunday 3 February - A prayer for wisdom

Lord we thank you that you are the source of all wisdom;
We cry out to you for wisdom for all those who care for children;
We pray for all parents and carers as they seek to give children understanding, love and security;
We pray for everyone involved in the life of The Children’s Society as it seeks to reach out to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children;
And at this time of financial austerity we pray for local and national politicians, and all those statutory and voluntary agencies who have to make tough decisions;
Grant to each person the knowledge of your presence with them, and the wisdom that will enable them to show your care to all.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord,

Januray prayers were written by the Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford

Sunday 27 January - A prayer around 2 John 1:5-8

Almighty God, source of all human love, grant us your overflow of love
for children who are frightened, who have lost their capacity
to trust; whose self-belief has been eroded. Help us to be such
clear channels of your unchanging love and instruments
of your peace and joy, that they would be able to look at their future
with hope, and fulfil the potential you have placed inside them.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.      

Sunday 20 January - A prayer around Psalm 145:1-13 

Heavenly Father, we thank you that your compassion is poured
out on all children in every neighbourhood and community -- 
the one whose needs are visible and the one whose needs are hidden. 
You are good to all and have compassion on all you have made. 
Lord we pray for children who have no sense of human love,
kindness or affection, for young lives whose hearts are parched. 
You are gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. 
May your love so fill the lives of the children scarred 
by rejection, that they are made whole and know the joy of your presence. 
through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.    

Sunday 13 January - A prayer around Isaiah 42 

Loving God, who is always on the side of justice, thank you
that you know our hearts better than we know our own, 
Even if our hearts condemn us, you never condemn us. 
We pray for children who are discouraged, 
who need to know your hand in theirs bringing reassurance, 
for children who need to know a new beginning. 
Lord, draw close to them we pray.
May your loving presence encourage them and your hope 
fill their hearts. 
God, you always take hold of us, and will never let us go, 
may our compassion and commitment 
to restoring young lives know no limit. 

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  

Sunday 6 January - A prayer for children around John 1:29-34 

Heavenly Father, your Son Jesus shows us that 
you give the world a great big hug and that you never stop loving us; 
you always forgive us when we make 
mistakes and you care for us more than we could ever imagine. 
Help us to know just how much you love us and to 
remember that no-one is ever left out of your love. 
In Jesus’ name.


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