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At the feast of Epiphany we celebrated the revelation of Christ. This revelation of glory is set in the context of danger and violence, and the season of Epiphany drew us to think about the desperate flight of the Holy Family into Egypt. We offered some  sermon notes for Epiphany, produced in collaboration with The Contextual Theology Centre

As the church season moves on from Epiphany, The Children’s Society has provided support into a major cross-party inquiry into the current system of asylum support. The results of this have shown that the system urgently needs to change. Please do join us in reflecting and acting on behalf of those who are often forced into destitution. 

Use our short film - at the bottom of this page and on YouTube - and downloadable leaflet to help you and your congregation to think, pray and act and explore different ways of showing your support. 

More information and get involved

Our short film, 'Asylum and the story of the Holy Family'

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We have supplied church events like this for a few years now. Its good to see that there are organisations such as yourself supporting these children. Very moving video as well.


Chris Martin

“Remember children seeking protection in the UK” was
indeed a great blog post. However, if it owned alot more photos this would most likely be quite possibly
more beneficial. Thanks -Modesto

My web page :: Heather

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