Theology and 'The Heart of the Kingdom'

Behind our work with the most disadvantaged children lies a theological vision; a vision that sees vulnerable children as central to God’s love.

It calls us to be part of a process of realising the Kingdom of God where all children can both flourish now and fulfil their God-given potential.

the cover of 'The Heart of the Kingdom'Our essay collection

Our collection of essays, The Heart of the Kingdom: Christian theology and children who live in poverty, looks at the issues surrounding child poverty from a variety of different perspectives and through a number of different lenses. 

Rt Revd Tim Thornton, Bishop of Truro, writes in the introduction: 

'In reading these essays I invite you to join in the theological debate and in particular I would encourage you to consider the place of hope, a theological virtue in which we are all invited to live and yet often and increasingly seems to be in short supply.'

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What's in The Heart of the Kingdom

From social policy, direct practice, academic theology and local churches the authors offer a range of views that will enrich our understanding and call us to further action alongside and in support of children who live in poverty.

Part 1: Testimony

'Poverty and the experience of children', by Tess Ridge, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath

'The impact of child poverty on future life chances', by Jonathan Bradshaw, Professor of Social Policy at the University of York and Durham University

'Hidden poverty: refugee and migrant families in the UK', by Ilona Pinter, our Policy Advisor on asylum and immigration

Part 2: Theological reflections

'Does charity begin at home?', by Angus Ritchie, Director of the Contextual Theology Centre and Sabina Alkire, Director of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative

'The Gospel, poverty and the "lordship of the poor"', by Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Woolwich

'What a Christian view of society says about poverty', by John Milbank, Professor of Politics, Religion and Ethics at the University of Nottingham

'Six theological theses on the family and poverty', by Krish Kandiah, Executive Director for Churches in Mission at the Evangelical Alliance

'Child poverty and the vocation of government', by Angus Ritchie, Director of the Contextual Theology Centre

Part 3: Practical responses

'Responding to child poverty: A parish story', by Andy Walton of the Contextual Theology Centre and Adam Atkinson, Vicar of St Peter’s, Bethnal Green

'From reflection to action', by Matthew Reed, our Chief Executive

Read The Heart of the Kingdom.

What's theology got to do with children's welfare?

Canon Dr Angus Ritchie gave our seventh annual Edward Rudolf Lecture on 'What's theology got to do with children's welfare?', drawing on themes from The Heart of the Kingdom. 

His speech discussed how theology is not only deeply relevant to how we treat children and young people, but how this should be exciting and accessible.