6th October

Based on Luke 17.5-10

Lord God, 

when Jesus came to live on earth

he showed us how to live a humble life,

how to love, and how to serve.

When we have power over others,

show us how to act with kindness;

when others have power over us,

show us how to live with integrity;

in every situation, show us how to play our part 

in sharing your love with the world you made, 

and sharing your blessings with all your children.


Lord God

You have a special job for me,

that nobody else can do;

Even when things are hard,

help me do to my best

to live my life with love and kindness, 

and to be the person you know I can be.



13th October

Based on Luke 17.11-19

Lord God,

when Jesus came to live on earth,

he showed how much you care

for each and every one of us,

and especially for those

who were rejected, hurt and alone.

When challenging things happen

and it’s hard to remember that we are loved,

When good things happen

and we forget to be thankful,

When frightening things happen

and we fear that nobody will help us,

Help us to put our trust in you,

and in all who do your work of kindness in the world. 


Lord God, 

When things are hard,

show me who can help,

and when things are good,

remind me to be thankful.


20th October

Based on Luke 18.1-8

Lord God,

When Jesus came to live on earth

he showed us that heaven is closer than we think,

and that prayer is never made in vain.

When it feels as if nobody is listening,

and when we are ready to give up,

give us strength to speak until we are heard;

when we think that there is nothing we can do,

when we assume that someone else will help,

give us grace to look and listen,

and become the answer to many prayers. 


Lord God,

When I’m in trouble,

show me how to ask for help,

and send me people who will listen with kindness;

when my prayers have been answered,

help me to become the answer

to other people’s prayers.


27th October

Based on Luke 18.9-14

Lord God, 

When Jesus came to live on earth

he showed us that everyone matters.

When we feel useless or worthless,

when we fear that our actions have made us unlovable,

when we feel condemned by others,

remind us that we belong to you,

that you love us for who we are,

and you long to make us all that we could be. 

Remind us to look for your image

in every person that we meet,

and to see others as you see them.



Lord God,

Sometimes I feel important,

and sometimes I feel like nothing at all.

Show me that no matter how I feel

you love me just the same.