Each week we will publish a prayer, reflecting on issues in the news or in the life of The Children's Society. You can find this week's prayers below.

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We would encourage you to use the prayer in your personal devotions, in your church service, or by printing it in your church notice sheet. But however you use it, please do join us as we pray with and for children and young people.

Prayers for August

4 August

A prayer for children living in poverty to flourish (based on Psalm 107:9 and Hosea 11:4)

Ever loving God,
if you would lead a nation with cords of human kindness,
and bands of love,
how much more do you long to lead each little one living in poverty
to a new and spacious life of plenty?

Lead them now ever loving God -
to new circumstances we pray;
where needs can be expressed – and met.
Where fear and stigma fall away – and equality comes.
And where childhood feels safe again.

Lead us, ever loving God -
to pray and live in a new way
which looks beyond the surface,
and gives beyond our comfort zone,
until each child’s childhood is safe again.

11 August

A prayer for generosity (based on Luke 12:32-40)

Lord Jesus teach us your narrow way
and be Lord again of all that we own.

For we want to remember –

that each runaway rescued;
each young refugee welcomed;
each teenage carer supported;
each youth helped to live a full life or given new hope;
and always, every child lifted from poverty –

is of infinite, unique value.

They are worth so much more than we have
or could ever store up in this life.
and incomparably more than the money it takes
to offer them a second chance, friendship, or practical help.

Lord Jesus, teach us your narrow way
for we long to be generous and love those you prize.

18 August

A prayer for boys and girls of all ages who are worried about their image

Lord Jesus please help me
to see the real me -
the one that is the one you see
when you look at me.

My mirror tells me lots of things.
I do not like them all.
Right or wrong I sometimes think I’m not made right at all.
Remind me please that you say different – you love and treasure me.
Old, young, fat, thin, tall, small, different
Remind me please Lord Jesus, it’s always beauty that you see.

And for other boys and girls who are worried just like me,
please open up their eyes so they can also see
that they are loved and treasured and they need not be afraid –
no matter what the world says, they are beautifully made!

25 August

A prayer of blessing on all children who experience neglect, and its mental and emotional effects (Jeremiah 1:4-10)

All seeing God,
we thank you that your loving gaze penetrates everywhere.
and that no child, however neglected, is hidden from you.
You saw them in their mother’s womb
and you formed them there – attentively.
And still you watch over them now – diligently.

All seeing God,
lead parents, carers, professionals and each one of us
to watch and listen and act.
So every child currently lacking the attention they need
may be seen and heard and helped.
And above all know just how much they are loved.